Choosing Fear or Choosing Freedom

If You Feel Trapped [I had a conversation with my soul while journaling the other day, and it felt potent enough to share it with you all. I hope it inspires.] Me: Why do I always feel like I am walking on the edge of something, close to falling off?  My soul: You see it... Continue Reading →


How to Set Clear Boundaries and Keep Them

A Boundary is Crossed Boundary violations happen when we allow something that doesn’t feel right to keep happening. I had an experience recently that gave me new insights into the mechanism behind why we allow this to happen to ourselves (even though it doesn’t feel good), and how we can make internal shifts that empower... Continue Reading →

What is My Life Purpose?

Have you ever wondered if what you're doing with your life is the right thing? Do you hate your job, but you don't know what you'd want to do instead? Are you just kind of lost and going with the flow, not sure what you really want? For a while now, I’ve been on a... Continue Reading →

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