Why You’re Not Happy and What You Can Do About It

Why We Stop Feeling Happy You’re here because you’re sick and tired of living life half-dead. You remember a time when you felt more alive and you want it back. As babies, we have such intense and excited curiosity about life and everything we encounter in it. We experience joyful wonder on a moment-by-moment basis.... Continue Reading →


What If I Know I’m not Living My Life Purpose?

In my previous post, I talk about what it feels like to be living life "on purpose," in alignment with your soul's highest calling and what it feels like if you're not. Maybe you know that you're not living the purpose you know in your bones that you're meant to be living, and you're feeling guilty,... Continue Reading →

What is My Life Purpose?

Have you ever wondered if what you're doing with your life is the right thing? Do you hate your job, but you don't know what you'd want to do instead? Are you just kind of lost and going with the flow, not sure what you really want? For a while now, I’ve been on a... Continue Reading →

A Meditation to Release Anger

There are times when we are angry and we need to feel it. However, if we hold onto anger, it can have damaging effects on all aspects of our lives. There is an amazing Kundalini meditation that I use for when I'm over being angry, but just can't seem to release the negativity. I find... Continue Reading →

What To Do If You Feel Stuck

We get stuck because we become habituated to a particular pattern of thinking and doing. Everyone does this - it’s part of how our brain is wired. These patterns allow us to use less mental energy as we move through our days. However, by allowing our habituated patterns of thinking and doing to take the... Continue Reading →

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